Healing the Healers

Your Life....Our Passion

You are in the business of saving and changing lives. We excel at helping others, but often not ourselves. Why is that? We will answer that question, and co-create a customized solution, just for you. This is a vital ingredient to be a 'whole' person and live a happy, successful life. There is no simple answer. And, as Einstein said, "the mind that created the problem cannot solve the problem." This is a WE event. We can do together, what I cannot do alone.

When our career or avocation is to help others, we must help ourselves first. My experience in decades of mentoring and facilitating workshops for hundreds of men and women is that a healthy self-care lifestyle is almost a guarantee that we will live the 'good' life.

"Thank you so much the Healing the Healers workshop. It was awesome! Your ability to create safety for us is a true gift."
Lois Porcelain, CACIII, LADC Lodge Program Director
Jaywalker Lodge, LLC


What will we accomplish?

My intent is simple. Building on my work with many hundreds of men and women, I want to help you:

  • Achieve the elusive life-balance by identifying your obstacles, limiting beliefs, and co-authoring techniques and solutions.
  • Eliminate work frustrations that cause you to perform at less than your optimal capacity.
  • Identify people, places, and things that keep you from achieving the healing you need, eliminate those and focus on the choices that enhance and accelerate your healing.
  • Be heard at a deep level in a safe, comfortable environment that supports having an open heart.
  • Coauthor your customized plan for healthy self-care and healing.
  • Leave the retreat with an implementation plan, including support to accelerate the process.

This session has been created expressly because of high demand about the topic.

It is for healthy people seeking to improve their effectiveness through creation of a holistic life.

"To speak directly from my heart, I was touched by the heartfelt passion you spoke and taught from. I was reminded of how I am competent in my job and life. I tend to limit my capabilities and my contributions. What I took away form this experience is how I've been loving others 'whole' my entire life, but not myself. I am committed to putting myself as a priority and allowing myself to enjoy life."
Kelly Smith Therapist, MS
The Rose House
"As CEO, quarterly retreats with Bill Corbett all me to reconnect with my team at a deep and meaningful level — both as leaders and as human beings. Bill is a skilled facilitator with a keen sense of how to navigate the complex intersection of business strategy and human emotion. In our case, building a high level of trust among our directors — and truly functioning as a team — has dramatically increased our company's overall effectiveness."
Bob Ferguson Founder and Director
Jaywalker Lodge


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Please contact Bill to discuss scheduling a retreat customized for your organization, or to register for a public Healing the Healers workshop.

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