Consultant Services

Typical Client Result: We fill the beds without giving scholarships and discounts.

"Corbett converted eight out of eight requests for scholarships into full pays, and the clients were delighted."

Typical Client Result: Dramatic and guilt-free improvement of top line revenue and bottom line profit.

"It has cut scholarship discounting (based on gross revenues) from an average of over 20 percent annually to under five percent annually---without impacting our average census."

Typical Client Result: Clear differentiation from competitors based on the high value provided.

"Bill helped us create a sense of authenticity and differentiation. There's an integrity there when you don't have secret deals. The comfort level increases when you can say, 'This is what we do and this is what it costs.'"

Typical Client Result: Powerful processes enable consistent replication of success. Our company is now system dependent, not employee dependent.

"We can no longer be held captive by our all-stars. Our staff embraced the systemic process that empowered everyone. Corbett taught us how to continue to innovate the systems which enabled us to constantly improve the level of care and best practices after he left."

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