"I help individuals and organizations thrive through reclaimed lives."
Partnering with people and organizations
to achieve extraordinary results.
Creating the Life You
Want Now
"If You Don’t Like The Story of Your Life...Talk To The Author"®

We fill the beds without giving scholarships and discounts.

“Corbett converted eight out of eight requests for scholarships into full
pays and the clients were delighted."

Trusted Advisor

When you work with Bill Corbett, clarity replaces chaos. Stress is dramatically reduced or eliminated. You receive in-depth guidance that addresses ALL the treatment center’s problems.

Confidential help for CEOs and Top Executives With Alcohol and Drug Problems.

Healing the Healers

Retreats and Workshops

The primary purpose of this workshop
is to show those who give so much of
themselves how to practice self-care
and achieve the elusive life balance.

You leave the retreat with a customized
plan we co-create for a holistic lifestyle.

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